Monday, February 6, 2012


So Valentine day's is coming up, and you know what...... I HATE VALENTINE DAY....OMG....I guess you can say i'm like one of them bitter people that all ways only on valentine day.....well I  hate to pop your bubble but, so not true I just happen to be WITH a boyfriend that Believed me when I say " You don't have to do, or get me any thing for my Valentine". LIKE WTF.... that like gf rule 101, like:

  1. Baby u don't have 2 by me anything for my birthday
  2. babe being with you is all I need for valentine 
  3. I don't care if u don't call me
  4. I don't need any thing for Christmas       
  5. O baby i don't care if u don't have money for valentine day ( this is only true if you broke for good reason)  

On that Note I came a cross this on you tube. Enjoy

On A happier note, the best Valentine day I had was with my (now) boyfriend! its was 7m in, and let me tell you I have not had a good one in a LONG time. SO I AM THAT GIRL that tell her bf that she don't need or  will like any thing for V-day, cause ever time i get my hope up I get let down. So me being me i said them words. "baby no don't spend your money on, i don't like v-day any way". Hell who know he was going to read between the lines.. and he surprise me very well, but on a sad note I have not have a good on these pass couple years. Hope he make up for it big time this year, or I am going 2 be mad  >:0

but hear r some picture from the 1st vday with the bf.


HUMMM i guesss i lost some pictures...:(

o well i hope my next post will be about this year v-day <3

until next time laquiaxoxo

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