Friday, December 14, 2012

sooo late but (My thanksgiving 2012)

Im not going to get much in to detail but I had thanksgiving  with my family this year only ( bf with his -__-)  well i enjoy my self and ate a lot so on to the pictures of all the good food.

i'm not in any pictures cause I was the one taking the pictures.

: potato salad  

:The Turkey

:Sweet potato


Sweet potato pie 

:corn bread


:The table


OX tails

Different kind of greens

Pictures of some of the family:

My oldest cousin and my brother

my little brother and sister and little cousin

My brother and his girlfriend

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season

Untill next time my peaches  laquiaxoxo 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

School ugh!

Well whiter brake from school sooooooooooo happy.know i can blog again and get my heads out the book!!! I have so much to talk about!!!!

Until then my Peaches LOve Laquiaxoxo