Thursday, November 5, 2015

Shopping Tip #1

Hi, all my Peaches. I hope everyone is in love with this fall weather. I know I am. I am enjoying it and also getting good shopping in.

My tip for all my peaches is "Summer Shopping".
 What I am talking about is hitting them sale rack for next year. I know that next spring and summer is a busy one for me. With family vacation, school trips with little brother and sister, EDM festival and bridesmaids trip with my friend who is getting married. I know that i'm going to have to save money some where. So why not on my fashion?
Fall time is the best time to save and put up for next. I also be that dress you have been eyeing all summer is on that sale rack now. our that summing suit that was way to much money. Better get going now before all is gone.

Places like Dillard, Belk, Forever21, Khols, H&M, ect. are trying to get ride of what ever if left from summer. Most place are on there last mark down our about to hit there last mark down before the big holiday season.

So here are some of my tips to my peaches:

1: Give you self a budget; ex ( $30.00 to $60.00)
2: Pick 3 for your favorite stores to shop in.
3: Walk in the store with tunnel vision for the sale rack.
4: Ask some one who work there if there is going to be another mark down.
5: Pick something that not going to go out of style.
6: DO NOT, DO NOT for get to bring you Coupons.

Happy shopping my Peaches xoxoxo