Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Influenster : voxbox Slim Fast

Hello my peaches I hope all is well. Happy New Year hope everything went well for you guys.
I am back with my wonderful post about my Infuenster VoxBox Slim Fast. This time around I was able to test the Slim Fast voxbox.

The Slim Fast voxbox came in right before the holidays. That was wonderful cause I really got to used in time for my mission to get my summer body

 Before I go into detail about the voxbox let me give you some background information on Infuenster.
Okay for those who have not heard of Infuenster befor it a company that let u test things for free. With that being said you will not get a box every month. Only time you get one is when you qualified for a voxbox.

 So when you join Infuenster you have to unlock different badges base on what you like.
Also Infuenster have virtual voxbox that are just as fun and wonderful to do.
I will also be doing a video for my Slim Fast Voxbox please go and check it out, and don't forget like and subscribe.

 On to the Slim Fast voxbox So in- side the box came four full size samples. Yes full size. Two of the samples where full size bags of chips, the flavor where Sour Cream & Onion
Next was drizzled crisp, flavor cinnamon bun swirl.
I also had a meal replacement bar and skake.
  Let me tell you they all taste wonderful too. Nothing you will be disappointed

The Slim Fast plan is easy to use. All you have to do is
A: replace 2 meals a day with a replacement shake, smoothie or bar.
B: Enjoy 1 healthy meal
C: enjoy 3 100- calories sacks
Simple as 1 2 3.
If you have any questions just ask me in the comment box.
Until next time my peaches xoxox.