Monday, March 28, 2011

Taco Night

There is nothing like TACO night with me and my babe! This past weekend the weather been crazy, so we stayed in watch movies and ate tacos. I made it the way he love it! and that with love ^.^ so that mean even if it taste bad ( that not going to happen) he will still love it. I love him so.

Just some of the things we got for are taco night! FYI I make him buy that cake for me ever time we go to Publix, that the way to make this girl happy!

Waiting for the meat to get brown, I think ground chuck  is the best meat to used when making taco!  

Ok, all done time to pour the meat water out, I let the BF do that, he love it for some reason? IDKY

My season I put in the meat, we love meat that is season real good, make the food so much better when u eat :0)

r fav toping to go on the taco

A must have at all time when ever we going to eat at home cooking.

You know what, the next time I have to take better pic! but it still look good to me. one day i'm going to get a super good camera until that time I will be using the blackberry!

And to end the night with are cake, this was one of the best night with my babe thank you bad weather!  until next time
love laquiaxoxo

SN: i didnt get paid 2 talk about any product in this post 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pit Bull

Atlanta Bullpalooza is one the biggest pit bull show in Atlanta. I love pits!!! O any small dogs!!! But a this time I have a pit and he is my baby. 


Well at bullpalooza it a show case for everything pits from, dog food, people who sell pits, ect. I love it! i think pocket pits r my fav, that might be my new dog for next year but i'm not sure yet. Next year I will be there entering my dog in the Pit contest they have there. This was my 1st year  going to the show and I love every bit of it. So if you come next year and see  me, stop me and say hello to me and my dog Famous! i.e that his name hehe cute right?! yes it is. O buy the way bring a lot of money cause you will want to buy every thing for your dog. 

I took some picture but only with my phone cause Me being Me, I left my camera at home awww sad face! I took the picture with my phone ( blackberry torch )... so enjoy 

I love how his ears stand up ^-^ cute 

he smiling at you!! lol

cool as dog cage 

Some people we got there early ticket was gone quick !

She was a fat puppy!! LOvE

One of the dogs in the show

cute they don't get that big at all, i think they r pits that look like bull  dogs 
And last, this one i just want to pick up and take of with him..SO DAMN CUTE i was on love with him so so so much!! 

I cant wait until next year, see yall there!!!  
love ya, laquiaxoxo 

Monday, March 14, 2011

V-Day!!! hehehe

I know i'm late well like almost 1m late.. I know super sad right,  hell at least I post it.Well my mother love to cook, and when she cook she put her feet into it. So what will make Vday in different? She cook from the heart so the meal was lovely, and made with love, I love my mom

MOST of the food made with love

AND last u plate!! LOVE U MOM!!


Well Sunday, no football on the T.V. what to do? IDK go to the flea market and see what they have..... IDK something to, well to my surprise THIS WAS A BIG ASS PLACE, I was so into looking at ever thing I so for got to take more pictures :0(... may be ill be back there soon when it warm up again, weather been crazy in Georgia, so hear is some picture.

LOve Cotton CANDY : This was the 1st thing I hit when we go there, this is why I have to out side picture! :0(

 The cute azz puppy people sale there so many too! ill be back for u :0) 

So then we went walking around to see what old people sale WTF, IDK but they do have some crazy and cute thing in this bag ass room, like this

Crazy only in the South 12 too 



OMG super Cute!!! I bought this too hehehe :0)
OK all done for right now, 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge!

so it catch up time!!!   ok been super busy so hear we go

A picture of your most treasured item.
day 7

I have one but i don't like to let people know what it is..sorry 

A picture that makes you laugh.
day 8 

Don't fall asleep during a party 

A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most
day 9 

My mom

A picture of the person you do the most fucked up things with.
day 10