Monday, March 14, 2011


Well Sunday, no football on the T.V. what to do? IDK go to the flea market and see what they have..... IDK something to, well to my surprise THIS WAS A BIG ASS PLACE, I was so into looking at ever thing I so for got to take more pictures :0(... may be ill be back there soon when it warm up again, weather been crazy in Georgia, so hear is some picture.

LOve Cotton CANDY : This was the 1st thing I hit when we go there, this is why I have to out side picture! :0(

 The cute azz puppy people sale there so many too! ill be back for u :0) 

So then we went walking around to see what old people sale WTF, IDK but they do have some crazy and cute thing in this bag ass room, like this

Crazy only in the South 12 too 



OMG super Cute!!! I bought this too hehehe :0)
OK all done for right now, 

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