Thursday, March 7, 2013

still sick!

I will be the 1st to tell you I LOVE ATLANTA i am a Georgia Peach allllll day! 

But this weather has been hell!!! like wtf man. I cant get well  at all. one day its hot , next super super rainy, and cold. then snow  -________- .  ( WTF SNOW)

So I get well then my bf get sick -_______-  let me tell you, man omg ( i'm going crazy just thinking about it) he like a 5 year old when sick, NO WORST. 

when he begun to get well hello im sick. where is he, NO WHERE TO BE FINE. BUT that how i like it lol. 

I feel sad if i don't get well i'm going to miss an important party this weekend :( . O well that life.  

O on top of that i had to drag my self to class also this week for an test FTC=  f*&k this cold. 

untill next time love laquiaxoxo