Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR My peaches,  I hope everyone new year was a good one and safe one.

I have so many back blog to do but i am going to began with this one :).

This year I bought in the new year with my family,  I dint go out with any friends this year, also the person I wanted to spend the most time with in not in Georgia. SO with that being said family it was lol.

My did a nice little new year eve spread, so the food and drinks was on point.

I don't know about you but my family has this thing with on new year day there is:

NO: washing clothing (u wash someone out your life/family)
NO: ironing clothing ( why, I don't know. You just do it)
The first person that walk thew the door need to be a male with at least 10 dollar or money in his pocket
Cook and eat: black eye peas for luck and greens for money.

So yea that is our crazy New Year thing. lol  is this just my family that do this or do yall family do the same thing? or is this just a Southern thing may be a African american thing get let me know plz.

Well on to pictures that I took on new years eve.

Pour it! Drink it up! Take a Pic!

ITS all most that time! For the count down!

Monday, December 8, 2014


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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Scandal Party

SOOO 1st off I will like to began this blog with F!@# you blogger. my up dates are still not showing up. UHGG!!!

N E WAY I hope all is well with everyone, this is kind of late blog but better late then never.

So I went to my brother and sister In-Law place for a "Scandal Party", but of course as i always do i forgot to take picture of everyone but i got the food.

I will admit I am not the crazy scandal fan, but when I do watch it i'm like YASSSSSS. lol

Do any of my readers watch Scandal? I am sure yall are like what the hell am i going to watch until JAN. lol

So on to the food porn.

So now you see why i forgot to take pictures of the people around, :p lol food was on point!

Until next time my peaches <3 xoxo

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy December !!!

Happy December to the pople who still reading my blog, cause BLOGGER is a B@#$% for not showing any of my up dates in the news feed.

BUT N E WAY, I just love December the "this the season" for family, fun and good times.

Well let me back it up a LITTLE BIT, I hope everyone had a wonderfully Thanksgiving.

I did i have to say this is the best one yet, my mom was not stress, non of the family came up to visit and on top of it all my mom and went black Friday shopping with noooooo stress.

Can you say best thanksgiving ever. YASSSS

This was also the 1st one with my nice. Ohh yea i don't know if i blog about the new member in my family, she is such a doll and joy for the family. I know i am going to enjoy watching her grow up.

Well on to the pictures ( if anyone know of a good edit software plz let me know )...

Well until next time my Peaches xoxo