Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Long Time Coming

This is some what of a late post. I have time to blog to day so i was like what the hell i might as well update with something thing i been meaning to post.

This was the 1st time in like 4 years ( wow that long) that all my home girls have meet up to chill with each other and have a good time. We missing 1 :(  we have meet up but not like this.

Life have taking so many turns for me and my friends some good some bad ( I.E ME, but I'm in a good place now) and we are all just happy that we can come together with each other and do it like old times. Let me tell you this was a hell of a night. To funny love it, wish i  had more pictures. Sometime when you have so much fun that not what you think about.

My friends and I are planning so much for this year and next. We are to ready to turn up on our grow up ish.

My 1st drink of the night.

Ann and Satanta

Starshia and I my

If you know me, you already know what time it is. Those who don't know the brown well belong to me :)

Chilling out side in the city.  I love Atlanta

My lovely friends, Ann, me, And Victress

Santanta And Victress

Missing two people in this pictures.  Love midtown Atlanta. One day i will be moving down there. Just watch. My back yard will be the city. ( side note i look like my mom 0_o need to change hair soon)

I love my girls, Until next time my Peaches love Laquiaxoxo.

enjoying the city

The weather was so good in the city Saturday i decide to go out and enjoy it with my girls.

That my home girl Satrshia we in the car just taking pictures, doing what we do best.

The home girl Ann, our driver on that wonderful Saturday in the City. 

We decided to eat in the city, at RA love the food there. The best part about eating out side is people watching, there was so much going on in the city and warm weather bring all kind of cray people out the house. 

Some if the food we ate, I think we sat there for like over an 1hr just talking and eating that what i love the most girl time, with my friends. You don't know how much you miss them until you been away from them. I made so many wonderful friends throw my ex boyfriend and meet wonderful people. At the end of the day there his friends, and not so much my friends. I just cant call them up and be like lets chill like i do with my girls. That why they are my girls. lol. No matter where we are in our life we find time to meet up like we are in our early 20's again ( o god I'm still in my 20"s just late 20's ) and do it like we always do it.  

I love my girls

Until next time my Peaches love Laquiaxoxo

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dayre me

So I been using this app call Dayre, love it. when im not blogging im on that. if you have the app find me :0)

until next time mmy peaches  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This weekend while riding down the road with my mother we saw some people selling fruits and veg. Them my mom got super happy like look!!!!!!!! they have greens. So then we bust a you turn and pull up into the fruit and veg stands. To my surprise everything look good and taste very good. No longer will I be getting my fruits from the super market, they don't look and taste as well as they do from the farmer stands.

Well until next time my peaches!!!! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wedding bells

Hello my Peaches i am so happy to blog about this!!! WEDDING BELLS, okay not my wedding bells. Hell i don't have a boyfriend, so it not me. but is my older brother. happy dance. I was just happy to help with the process. Its was so cute to see him run around lick a chicken with his head cut off trying to make sure it was just right. And it was just right, her family was there and my family was there and also there close friends. My brother went all out, he book the best room in the W hotel for there night and the hotel club b-4 it open.

All the family and friends was waiting in the hotel club be for they got there, when they walk up the steps and say er one she was in super shock about the whole thing. Its was super wonderful to see him get down on one knee and ask her to be his wife, she said YES!!

Well on to some pictures:

The mother waiting for there kids

Walking in

me and my mother

I hope all is well my peaches, one day ill be getting my own ring and planning my own wedding
Until next time love laquiaxoxo