Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Influenster: Curel box

Hello everyone, so about 3 weeks ago I got a box from Influenster to test out a product call "Curel Itch Defense and Curel Itch Defense Instant soothing Moisturizing spray."

First let me give you a little back ground for you guys that don't know about Influenster.
Influenter is a free website that you get to text out things for free, only if you meet what they are looking for in there VOXBOX aka Test box.

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So I have bad eczema on my hand, feet and arm. Its hard to find something that works on my skin that will not leave it dried out, red and yuck.

When I got the box in the mail I was like," okay I don't think this will work on me cause noting else dose." So here I go.
 I made sure that I gave it time to test it out be for I blog about it.
The colder it get the worse my eczema get, so this is the right time to test it out.

The Curel Moisturizing spray is the first thing that I tested, The bottle remind you of all the spay bottles winch i am not a big fan of. On the up side when the spray the moisturizing out it very cooling which is a big pulse. When you eczema is bad it began to itch, it burns as well, so a cooling feeling can make a big different when that happens.
What I all so like about the Curel Moisturizes it do not , do not dry out my hand when I am done using it. YES!!! winning :)  

1st                                                                      2nd                                                                       3rd 

In the Picture is the eczema on my feet. The 1st one is my feet without the spray , 2nd with the spray and the 3rd picture is after the Curel Moisturizing spray. I have to say that I am very happy.

Next in the box was the CUREL itch defense body wash.

I have dry skin when I get out of the shower, The Curel Body was and the Moisturizing is a winner together
Over all this is a winner, I will buy and  tell to a friend our any one with eczema .

Disclaimer: I got everything for free, complimentary to test out out from influenster. 

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