Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vacation with fam

I guess i can begin my back post with my second vacation trip. 

Not to much to say about this trip because we was there for my little sister dace comp. Jekyll island was pretty laid back. Its a pretty nice place to go for a weekend get away down time. 

Well on to the picture i hope some of my videos will up load too. if not I'm going to have to put them on my YouTube page. Of course there will be a link to it. 

The back yard where my family stayed at. so pretty too. Their where place where you can sit at and eat cook on the grills. just so wonderful

hehe me just being me

I love this pictures cause around 5 the tide come in and there is no longer a beach to walk on

 My big little brother
hid OOTD: Shirt from wal-mat
shorts from: IDK
socks and shoes from the mall the shoes are KDs i think :)
Book-bag from my room, i got from wal-mart

OK so we went to some seafood place to eat. the food was good but the pictures does not show it, sorry for bad pic. I took it with my phone whats so crazy my take better pictures then this :(

NO Make up on...ugh welp lol

sorry for such a late post.. hopeful i will have a video up on YouTube soon 

Until next time my peaches Laquiaxoxo 

Monday, July 28, 2014

back blog over load...

Omg So i been so feed up with blogger, that i was thinking about moving my blog to a different place. Then i  was like no i am not going to do that i am just going to find a way for  my blog  to show up on the news feed. GUESS what i still have yet to.

N E Way i been going throw some of my pictures on my memory card, and let me tell you i have so much back blogging to do. Two family vacation, baby shower, girls nights out, fashion.and things like that.

So with that being said lets hope that every day this week i can get a new blog post up. yep we will see.

until next time my peaches love laquiaxoxo 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014