Monday, February 17, 2014

Wedding bells

Hello my Peaches i am so happy to blog about this!!! WEDDING BELLS, okay not my wedding bells. Hell i don't have a boyfriend, so it not me. but is my older brother. happy dance. I was just happy to help with the process. Its was so cute to see him run around lick a chicken with his head cut off trying to make sure it was just right. And it was just right, her family was there and my family was there and also there close friends. My brother went all out, he book the best room in the W hotel for there night and the hotel club b-4 it open.

All the family and friends was waiting in the hotel club be for they got there, when they walk up the steps and say er one she was in super shock about the whole thing. Its was super wonderful to see him get down on one knee and ask her to be his wife, she said YES!!

Well on to some pictures:

The mother waiting for there kids

Walking in

me and my mother

I hope all is well my peaches, one day ill be getting my own ring and planning my own wedding
Until next time love laquiaxoxo