Thursday, December 29, 2011

Night out with friends

Last night was super fun for me. I think one of the best thing about the holiday that I love the most is when I get to see, and spend time with friends I don't get to see everyday. Some or out of town in school, out the state, or out the county, and the one that hear we doing or own thing. So night like last night mean the most to me, that sad part is the one that stay in town we don't see each other like we will need to. When we or together like last night we spend hours on hours talking.

So last night we meet up at Taco Mac at like 9:00pm and did not leave until 2:00am. Aww good time, we talked about any thing and everything. I meet about 3 new people, 2 I seen them around and 1 was my friend Girl Friend.

SN: I'm still leaning to use the camera so some of the picture or not that good.. lol they will get better at time.
now on 2 a ish load of picture

A picture of me I took be for I left the house.

just got to taco mac.. I like this picture just wish it was taking better
that my friend Angelica  check her out  on YouTube when we have time.

That my friend nat on the right she blog also check her out, mycal in the middle and his GF on the left. I think she just turned around when i snap the pic.

Her BF

my food


Group picture missing 1

this is one of my fav pic.. we all go back to like 6th grade..

 me and my homeboy pooh

 Jello shots, and they taste a lot like jello that put a smile on my face :) J-E-L-L-O

I got PINK pretty. wish the picture was better... i know right i'm learning

CHEERS to good time and good friends! 

Awww good time!
Hope you enjoyed, and enjoy your holiday

Love, laquia xoxo

Monday, December 26, 2011


So I got a new camera for Christmas SUPER HAPPY i mean it made me cry( I KNOW RIGHT) I been asking my bf to get me one for ever but it never happen :( . But mom save the day! Yes like I all ways tell people that my mother is super mom!!  I love her <3. So i'm still leaning how to use the camera and edited the pictures the right way , stay with me soon my picture and blog will get better in time. :)   SO hear some pictures from the camera. 

LOL well i'm working on i hope ever one enjoy there holiday!

love laquiaxoxo