Friday, May 13, 2011

Interracial Relationship

Last night I was reading a story in  "GLAMOUR" about Interracial Relationship. The story  was title " Color-Blind Love Always a Do!" Its a good little story pick up its a good. When I was reading that story it made me think  about the relationship I have with my boyfriend.  I'm African American And my Boyfriend is Laos American. When I was reading the story one thing that the person talk about in the story was being accept by family.

Well we never had a issues with that, which I was very happy about. The only thing that was hard at first was the way people look at us almost like there surprise. UMM idk I think its kind of funny sometime. but the one that look super hard i just want to be like "what the fuck you look at"?!  But that will be wrong of me and just rude o well, so i just smile and keep it moving   

 The good thing that have came out of my relationship is all the new things that i have learned being with him,. .  

Hear are some of my fav interracial couple on and off T.V :0) 

R&B singer Robin Thick and His sexy wife  Paula Patton 

Model & Fashion Designer Kimora Lee Simmons and Husband Actor Djimon  Hounsou 

Model Heidi Klum and Husband singer Seal 

NBA player Lamar and his wife business woman Khloe Kardashian  

Disney princess Tiana and her prince hehe so cute


Me and My BF!!! 


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sorry for my readers That i have not blog in a min. A lot of good things have happen in my life,( that good) and also so making some changes too. But in time I will blog about and also blog more when i get a new camera. Sad to say i lost my blackberry torch and camera all in one day  :(... so in do time all will be replace. 

But on to the topic BATS yuck X10. i was on FB last night and my aunt IM me to watch the news, and I was like ok! then it hit me "wait, wtf why" and also " hey we don't get you new in Atlanta "( she stay in SOUTH GEORGIA) so when she ask her about she said there was bats in my lil cousin apt and one land on her baby.. 

well ill let u watch the video: 

Bats invade Americus apartment - Live, Local, Late Breaking news, weather, and sports
well thank the link for some reason I cant put in on the blog.

I think this is so sad that my family have to go throw this. But i happy that they no longer live in this Apartment any more. I also fill like the owner of the need to find a new place for them to stay in also like some free rent. Its sad when a person have to go to the news just to get things moving. Some time that what it take to get things going. I hope people that live around that place saw that news report so that they will know what they r getting there self in to when they move into them app homes. 

OK well that all for know. untill next time
Love Laquiaxoxox

p.s big things are coming soon ttyl