Monday, February 27, 2012

Fest Atlanta

Hello, I hope your weekend was just as good as my weekend was!

So the Oyster fest was going down this weekend, and the weather was just as happy! it was not to cold it was not to hot it was, just right. 

What more can you ask for, food, beer, weather, good friends and family! 

We got there at a good time the big crowed have yet to come in!  so we walk around a little bit and got some food. 

A little bit of this and a little bit of that! 

hot dog.... so the bf only let me get one bit 0_o its ok he don't eat oyster. 

we walk around until we found us a table and that did not take long :) 

Then to the good part! time 2 eat some good old oyster 


We ate pretty good: 
as we got done we ran into more friends: POL

 omg these guys never ready to take a pic


people still got cut out the pic

so it got like super pack there when we was done eating 
so next best thing was to walk abound the city for ice cream...HELL Y NOT 

O so we got there, the place is not even open. SO wtf a long walk(4MIN) with no ice cream

<3 my boo thing hehehe 

We went back to the car and t get some food for a cook out! 

so while they shop we went next door to drink, 

a good way to end the weekend, food drink family and good time: 

until next time my peaches: 


Friday, February 24, 2012

Fox Atlanta

well hello people well as you can read: (at the top) I went to the Fox Atlanta with my mother and little sister, to see Alvin Ailey , American Dance Theater. It was wonderful too, you can tell the dancers work so hard and train there whole life to have there skill up to part to dance on that stage for the "Alvin" company. Is any one have the chance to see this, ITS A MUST. You will enjoy it.

so as I love to say on to the POL:


Some of the pictures I took of my self be for i left the house. I did a last min change out of dress :( it was so pretty 2, but if anyone live in GA you know how crazy the weather been this yeas so up and down: ugh makes me want to move, or take a vacation to somewhere warm super soon.

If any do care this is for you, ( what i had on): I had on a simply black top, with a black lace cardigan top with white pants, and black pumps.
accessories: a chain black hand bag, with earrings and necklace from my mother. thanks mom.
my hair: is pulled back in to a pony tail, and took some of my hair and pin it up.
next time I will make sure to do a whole body shot. ever thing will get better as time go on :)

OK so on to the fox, i was super sad the weather was so ugh that night, was so going to take pictures in the city, but the weather said HELL NO!

see a rainy day in Ga ugh :( 

so my mom got there some what early so we can have good parking, so that mean to me is i have to take like 2million pictures of her in the can 0_o, so im only going to show one :) hehehehe

so when we got in the fox we had time to take more pictures:

family pictures mom, lil sis and me

I took a pictures of the stage. r seat was pretty good. 

Pretty love on in my room

OK this is crazy my camera was working good all night until i tried to take this picture of my mom i took it like 5 time and this how it came out so i was like forget it i'm done. so when i got home and i was look throw the camera and just when i was about to delete this picture i was saw some man in the back grown. so i was like wtf? when i was taking this picture of my mom we was the only one up at the time.  So i was like i know this not a ghost! right? I mean come on ! so i did some back ground on the fox, and ill be damn the place have 3 ghost that hunt the place and the one behind my mom is the one everyone see the most. CRAZY right if you dont believe me O well.   

So when the play was over with its was time to eat happy time. there was not 2 many place we could go with my little sister with us.. so we pick The Varsity ummm hit the spot. the weather was so ickey so we did the drive in. If u ever in Atlanta plz try the place so much history behind it even if you don't like it o_0 (then u crazy) you can always say u been. 

I was a little up set with my chill chess hot dog,  there bigger then that :( but hell that went all out the door when that food hit my lips. o by the way i order me one more that look much better then that one but i was so hungry i ate it with out taking a picture.

ending the post with my frosty =0) drink soooo good! 

hope u enjoyed this post until next time my peaches