Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going away

This post is like 2m late :(, some of my friends got together to see one of or friends off to her work, in Honduras. What she doing is a wonderful thing you can check out her blog hear----->

its a good read!

I just cant wait until she get back home, there will be even a bigger party waiting for her when she.
This party also gave a chance for some of the mother to get to gather too. FUN!

That Natali  ----> her blog

That Mycal he was in a one of my post back

 that ciara and her little girl

I forgot the name of this bread, but it was so good. there is a little surprise in the bread.. hehehehe

She telling us about the bead and also the story behind it. also be for we cut it each one of us will tell what we or thankful  for also, what we will like for the year 2 come. And the big thing of you cut inside the bread there is a "little baby" and if you get it, your job is to host the next party :)

 she got the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! party time

Party time!!!!!!!!!

She ask him to bring chicken, and this what he got...such a man 0_o

Later on 2 more ppl show up.

mom shots!!!

So we played this game called white animal   i think? the game is to give gifts that u don't like or a gift under like 5 dollars. its more to the game but sorry i don't know the rest. Well we all fail on that note, hehehe on a good way.

over all i enjoyed the night
SN: i need to post more about the pic ill work on that <3
untill next time laquiaxoxo

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