Friday, January 25, 2013

my love

Any one who know me know that i love my dog sooooooooo much!

They my not be the cuties, smallest, biggest, the pretty, ect dog out there but there my dog so they mean so much more to me then anything.

I have to pit bulls, i know down hear in Georgia they have a "rep" of being the "mean dog", the "killer dog" the dog you dog fight with. I just think that suck big time cause every pit bull is not like that, you can train any dog to fight or kill but i guess no one look at that. ( asswholes)

When i tell people i have dogs first thing they do is say "Awwww what kind" ( in there happy voice) then i tell them pits then they say "oooooo" ( in there WTF was she thinking voice). -_____-

Me, I just think its funny, my dog are not what you think they are, not MEAN KILLING dogs! They are house dogs, but don't get me wrong just like any other dog if you come into there home / yard they will let you know who home you walking into.

This pass weekend the weather was good so i let the boy out to play and when i went to check up on them this is was they was doing.( see pictures) they just so cute to me, I love them.

O by they way when people say to male doges do not get along that is so not true. I have two male dog and they are like brother it is to cute to me.

My skinny dog is always trying to do something like dig wholes in the yard when he know  that a bad thing. "It no no bad boy :)" so when he want to dig in the ground the fat dog will sit in front of the back door,( i guess hes the look out) when some one walk up to the door he bark so the skinny dog can know that someone coming and stop digging wholes in the yard. They are to funny. 

its so cute they don't go any where with out each other tooo cute

Well those are my babies, untill next time my Peaches love Laquiaxoxo 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My birds will fly again

I have to say this weekend my city was SOOO turned  up over the Atlanta Falcons. It felt so good to see the city so lived like that that. 

The city have been this happy over the birds sent 98.  

People that not even into sports went to store and bought there RED BLACK AND WHITE falcon shirts to  so there team some love! 

Me and my boyfriend showed are love for the home team by jumping to house to house Falcon Party. 

My boyfriend and I big Georgia Bulldog fans! So I guess you can say we was not as turned up as everyone else. lol, but yes we were happy to see the city booming 

Im just saying it been a long time coming for the home team the season been wonderfully. Falcons is one of the team in the NFL that get no respect at all, they take them as an joke. They have shown many time this year that they are the ish! 

You don't know how how broken the city was to see them work so hard this year and not for them to win! ITS OK WE DIN'T WANT TO PLAY IN THE SUPER DOME ANYWAY!!!! 


  Until next time my Peaches Laquiaxoxo

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

just random food/nails

I guess that everyone have there "photo of the day"  on there blog, i have my food of the day lol.... i guess lol

lol idk

I been really into the Stiletto Nail! love them I have yet to make my way up to the longer of the nail. I have pictures of some of my fav nails.

This one is my nails sorry for the bad pix.

Well untill next time my Peaches love laquiaxoxo 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy birthday 2 me (13th Jan)

Ill blog about it later im still hung over -__-

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Birthday Surprise

To was my dad birthday and the family went out to eat. I enjoyed it a lot, my mom cook a lot so we don't eat out much so when we do the whole family join in ( - my bf :( he was busy to day)  cause it a special day for that person.

Well to night we went to Red Lobster. You know how i love to post a million picture of food so this was right up my alley.

Well i just gong to let you know that i had the 4 course meal and it was sooo good. well on to the pictures i hope you haven eating. if not the picture will make you super hungry.

In my house when  its some one birthday we always but up things in the eating room. I guess when my little brother and sister was born there was a big age differences between us so we always had a small "family" party a the house so the will fill as if they wen to my older brother and I birthday party. On top if that they love ice cream and cake too so this let them have ice cream and cake too :). so i guess its like there birthday day too. 


We got are drinks!

That it for right know until next time my Peach love laquiaxoxo

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

Happy 2013 all my peaches. I hope all is well for everyone this year! I fill as if 2013 is going to be a good year for me. Im saying it and i'm clamming.

I dint do much this year, my Christmas was wonderful spend it with my family then spent a little time with my boyfriend!

For new year eve umm nothing much. I went to a family party, and watch the Georgia peach drop on tv! Soo not that much partying for me. I  wanted to bring the new year in a little diffident that all :0).

this year for my blog i going to make sure i update it more this year. even if just a small little post a little goes a log way

well that all for now, i leave you with some pictures,  of my holiday!!

Untill next time my peaches!! O p.s my BIRTHDAY coming up 1/13/2013 :)