Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My birds will fly again

I have to say this weekend my city was SOOO turned  up over the Atlanta Falcons. It felt so good to see the city so lived like that that. 

The city have been this happy over the birds sent 98.  

People that not even into sports went to store and bought there RED BLACK AND WHITE falcon shirts to  so there team some love! 

Me and my boyfriend showed are love for the home team by jumping to house to house Falcon Party. 

My boyfriend and I big Georgia Bulldog fans! So I guess you can say we was not as turned up as everyone else. lol, but yes we were happy to see the city booming 

Im just saying it been a long time coming for the home team the season been wonderfully. Falcons is one of the team in the NFL that get no respect at all, they take them as an joke. They have shown many time this year that they are the ish! 

You don't know how how broken the city was to see them work so hard this year and not for them to win! ITS OK WE DIN'T WANT TO PLAY IN THE SUPER DOME ANYWAY!!!! 


  Until next time my Peaches Laquiaxoxo

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