Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PART 2 of "trip day 3"

When i left the beach my brother and his GF called me back down to the beach so i can take pictures of the. I took so many that i just pick out few to show you guys!

Later on that day my family got dress do we can go out to eat for dinner, we end up picking Planet Hollywood , The food was pretty good, but i think my little brother enjoy looking at all the movie stuff in the place.
Enjoy the pictures!

 family cheeking out what on the menu before we head in the place to eat

haha my little brother i think he was a power ranger!

Food time!!!!

Don't they look good!

my food!

OMG THIS WAS like the best salad ever!!! sooooooo good

until next time my peaches love laquiaxoxo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

free, win and prizes !!!

I have had a lot of freebies and won something just by entering FB contest, online contest.

Also i have test lots of new thing throw Bzzagent, Smily360, Klout, Influster ,crowdtap amd houseparty!

hear are something I have won and test, "less the a year"

Sorry I don't pic of all but hears a few!

I have alot more but for some reason i cant fine the picture for them  :(

Check out the website i talked about a the begin of the post u will not be disappointed . I'm going to try to blog more about this things i get to try for free and what i have won!

Until next time my Peaches love Laquiaxoxo

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friend Birthday!

This Past weekend was very fun for me. I enjoyed time with some good old friend!

Its nothing like a birthday to bring friends together! ok on to the pictures.

We begun the night with meeting up to eat. its was crazy road work going on in Atlanta so a 8:00 dinner turned  in to a 9:40 dinner o well it happen at time!

Me, Ann, and Victress

Birthday Girl!

Victress and her hubby



some of my food

she was eating good!

My food >.<

When we got done eating we head off to the party

 Waiting for some one 2 come down and get us

I made that for the birthday girl

My boo thing lol had to take a quick one he hate taking pictures sometime

Hope all my Peaches enjoyed there weekend ! until next time Love Laquiaxoxo