Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PART 2 of "trip day 3"

When i left the beach my brother and his GF called me back down to the beach so i can take pictures of the. I took so many that i just pick out few to show you guys!

Later on that day my family got dress do we can go out to eat for dinner, we end up picking Planet Hollywood , The food was pretty good, but i think my little brother enjoy looking at all the movie stuff in the place.
Enjoy the pictures!

 family cheeking out what on the menu before we head in the place to eat

haha my little brother i think he was a power ranger!

Food time!!!!

Don't they look good!

my food!

OMG THIS WAS like the best salad ever!!! sooooooo good

until next time my peaches love laquiaxoxo


Chrisology said...

lol, loving the ocean shots. M.B is fun - I grew up between their and Oahu! Family trips are fun.

Miss.La'Quia said...

omg they are the best!