Wednesday, September 5, 2012

so blue

I haven't been in the mood to blog must lately I guess cause, my boyfriend and I end are 4years relationship! it suck cause i guess some where we end up on two different pages in our life, i guess that happen at time in relationship. I sad cause i got to the point in my life where i dint see any one else in  my life but him. Over there years we had our up and down but i always thought that our good time will out wight the bad time we had. But i guess we been having to many bad time(well i guess that how he felt)
On the up side I guess I can get back to my self and school more, spend a little bit more time with my friends.  I guess that cool. I have always had goals for my self, with being with my bf I have limp off that road a little bit, now i can get back on that road.
On the down side in four years i have meet so many new people, ( which some i fill like is family) that i cant chill with any more, like i used to. I feel as it not right on my end to be around his family and friends like that. one i cant move on and two he might think i'm crazy and he cant move on too.
Then there our two dogs, it suck cause there at his his and i'm going to miss them sooooooooooooo damn much. i'm going to begin crying just thanking about them. ugh i miss them :why:
Some time people have to be apart to see if that person is the right one for them if it was meant for us to be with each other, it will happen

until next time my Peaches love laquiaxoxo


Chrisology said...

Hey Girlie! Thanks for following me and I'm following you back! Its must be the season after over 2 years I am in the same situation. Hopefully things will work out for you both. I am in Nursing school and thankfully between that and work I have no life so it keeps me from thinking about it.

Miss.La'Quia said...

Thanks! I'm in school 2 but its not helping me keep my mind off of him! I guess I need 2 find something new 2 do to take up time !