Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friend Birthday!

This Past weekend was very fun for me. I enjoyed time with some good old friend!

Its nothing like a birthday to bring friends together! ok on to the pictures.

We begun the night with meeting up to eat. its was crazy road work going on in Atlanta so a 8:00 dinner turned  in to a 9:40 dinner o well it happen at time!

Me, Ann, and Victress

Birthday Girl!

Victress and her hubby



some of my food

she was eating good!

My food >.<

When we got done eating we head off to the party

 Waiting for some one 2 come down and get us

I made that for the birthday girl

My boo thing lol had to take a quick one he hate taking pictures sometime

Hope all my Peaches enjoyed there weekend ! until next time Love Laquiaxoxo

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