Monday, March 28, 2011

Taco Night

There is nothing like TACO night with me and my babe! This past weekend the weather been crazy, so we stayed in watch movies and ate tacos. I made it the way he love it! and that with love ^.^ so that mean even if it taste bad ( that not going to happen) he will still love it. I love him so.

Just some of the things we got for are taco night! FYI I make him buy that cake for me ever time we go to Publix, that the way to make this girl happy!

Waiting for the meat to get brown, I think ground chuck  is the best meat to used when making taco!  

Ok, all done time to pour the meat water out, I let the BF do that, he love it for some reason? IDKY

My season I put in the meat, we love meat that is season real good, make the food so much better when u eat :0)

r fav toping to go on the taco

A must have at all time when ever we going to eat at home cooking.

You know what, the next time I have to take better pic! but it still look good to me. one day i'm going to get a super good camera until that time I will be using the blackberry!

And to end the night with are cake, this was one of the best night with my babe thank you bad weather!  until next time
love laquiaxoxo

SN: i didnt get paid 2 talk about any product in this post 

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