Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my springs must have!!!

Ever thing on my list is a springs must have! well a spring must have for me :0), maybe you will like it too?

When ever I go shopping I like to "try" to make sure that everything I buy is under 20 dollars. Some people might think i'm cheep, but that how you can get a good buys and a lot more for your money. So hey in the end I always win! That u cant beat.

First is my pick from  F21( forever 21)

All the dress are under $20.00 dollar. I love the color of each dress, and different kind of flower prints in three of the dress. They can be dress up or down how ever u like it. The last dress I picked is a good one for going out late to eat or to get drinks with the girls. This one to can be dress up or down.

The accessories are also different in there own way . I think they will all go well with many different dresses this springs. All of the acc. are at F21 and under $10.00

My next pick come form my Favorite online store 
 I love ever thing on there site, I always end up send more then what I was going to spend. I going to try and pick my 4 pick under 20.00 for dress. Its going to be super hard. So when ever you are done reading this post go and check them out cause you will fall in love so much. I know I did.

I begun with the shoes, all shoes are under $30.00 Sometime I spend a little bit more money on shoes....I LOVE SHOES so why not. but hear is my pick 3 under 30.
1. Is a wedge shoe. I think ever female need to own a good pare of wedge. So that why I picked a white pair  it goes with a lot of things.
2. A simple but cute sandals.
3. A flat :0)

The next one was some of my fav pick off the site. ever thing is under 20.00 dollar.
OK, almost everything!!!! the hello kitty  bag is like 70.00 buck wtf... BUT i'm about to put my order in for it asap.Its just so damn cute so I had to show yall

Bag is cute right?! yea so when ever that bag come in I am going to have to do a vblog on it.

so sadly i was unable to fine a dress i like under 20 :0( so maybe next time.

well I hope u all enjoy my post until next time, love La'Quia xoxoxo 

ps I do not get paid or do not get any free things from F21 or Amiclubwear. for this.

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