Thursday, April 28, 2011

The South bad Weather

My heart goes out to all the family who lost some one in this bad ass weather. I have family and friends that live in one of the hardest hit state, Alabama and i'm happy to say that everyone i know is ok, but most of them lost everything. I was so happy to hear that every one is fine with a death toll of  about 195 people. You know that you can replace home, cars, ect, but a life can not be replace. I live in the west part of Atlanta and i am super shock to say that we did NOT get hit by any thing but heavy wind. Most of the time when Alabama get hit by bad weather so do the west part of Georgia. This time we was just thankful not to get hit by this weather. 

Man man man we better listen god is trying to tell us something. The weather is hitting the world hard and I pry it stop soon. SMH.. 

this is one of many video. 

Hear is some info on redcross if you like to help:

TTYL with love laquiaxoxo

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