Tuesday, January 28, 2014

snow day in georgia

 Omg only in Georgia the city will  complete shutdown from snow... well I guess you can say in Georgia it more like ice!!! ice is the big issue in Georgia roads. So it not the snow that put the city on locked down, its all that damn "black ice" on the road.

 Well the snow is pretty out side my house. I am happy I got to stay in the house to day. and not out in all this crazy traffic in the city to day. It took my mom about 7hr to get home.. her job is 45min away, and she still had to be pick up from the side of the road! crazy right.. ugh 'black ice" . then my little brother and sister had to walk from my pool to our house the bus could not make it up the hill.

Its crazy how in January we have had all four season NO JOKE! like for real.

Well this how my day went. in picture



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