Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 so far

This weather been keeping my in the house so far this 2014, but not for long my birthday is coming up soon. Then back to school on my birthday :( but its all good. on my free time I been talking a lot of pictures of my self, WHY because I can. :)  I love my self. You have to love your self 1ts be for any one can love you.

So this year I decide it time to get "ME" back. my 5 year relationship is over with my boyfriend. At one point of time I was super mad, upset, sad, depress and more. With do time I got over it and I am happy. One of the best thing that I got from the brake up  is that I lost a lot of lbs. lol :). I no longer hate him, and I have for gave him. You cant move on with out forgiveness, but still not ready to see him yet, I will be there in do time.

I know that the next person that come in my life better come right. I am not taking any type of bull ish.

Well onto the pictures I took of my self .. wth why not

That my new boyfriend lol he never complain about taking a lot of pictures with me! now the only thing he need is a name! :)

I hope so far everyone new year been so wonderful so far.

Until next time my Peaches. love Laquiaxoxo

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