Sunday, January 26, 2014

Late Birthdy Post!

 Okay 1st off, happy late birthday to me! like Jan 13 so super late post. My birthday was wonderfully I enjoyed it so much. What more can I ask for, I wish I had many more pictures for my birthday but that's what happen when you don't charge your camera. O well, it is what it is.

The weekend before my birthday I went out to eat with my friends and out around the city. It was wonderfully.
The of my birthday my mother cook my fav food! happy dance, well on to pictures.

Nothing like a good ole bathroom picture -____-   :0) with my fly ass spider man dress

Me and my BFF (21 years) yees out at my birthday dinner umm food something

My brother and I

Me and some of the girls out in the city. I love Atlanta



My birthday was wonderfully I can not as for anything different! I HOPE MANY MORE TO COME
until next time my peaches. laquiaxoxo  

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