Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Unless you been living under a rock in sure you have seen or hard the impact on of HURRICANE SANDY.  

If not well hear you go.

I live in Georgia and we been getting a whole lot of wind and cold weather. This is the south we are in October ummm this weather is not south of GA weather. Sandy are making tress fall down ever where. North Ga sot snow...like wtf is that ish, it October. On the most part we are blessed that this is all we got from Sandy .

I have family up north that been riding out this storm the last time my family and I talk to them was the night be for Sandy hit land fall. Its crazy to think about what my family is going throw and i hope that they are okay.

I have seen some pictures of what people are going throw when Sandy when landfall, hear are some pictures of what people been dealing with in the Northern part of the states:

Well hear are pictures of sandy be4 land fall  and when it hit landfall  from space! She big right?1 By the way sandy is still moving throw the North and Midwest states.

  some pictures:


Sincere Coco said...

this was such a crazy and unexpected event!!i hope your family up north is doing fine!!

I nominated your blog for the Liebster award too!!check out my blog for more details girlie!!

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