Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hey my Peaches i hope all is well!
   If you have not check out plz when you get done reading this blog go and check it out.

If you have and have not been there in a min, Influenster have up date there web site, bigger and much better. Now people can stop asking: "how do we get pick" " how do you know what box goes to who" "i never get pick". Well there no reason for that anymore.

Well with the new and improved Influenster, you have to put in the work so you can get you "VOXBOX"

1. Request in Invite:

If you can show that you are a person of influential then i'm sure you will be in  the door.

2.    Unlock your badges:

A:  You have your Expert badge
     You begin with 6 to pick from( sn: pick the ones that shows you the most)
B: You have Lifestyle Badge
  Pick the lifestyle badge that you enjoy the most.

3. Do task
 When you unlock the badge there are takes you must complete your task for a good score

4. Watch your score.
IF your score is high then that's a good

Well if my blog is all over the place go and check out Influenster You will not be mad

Until next time my Peaches love Laquiaxoxo

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