Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ready to Travel

I just been reading a few blogs lately and it really got me in  my " O i'm so ready to Travel, see the usa or the world." which ever one come first  :0) mood! I have seen so many places that i will love to travel to in 2013.

Well one thing I will love to do for 2013 is:

1: Try to make it to Las Vegas for my birthday in Jan. I will love to make that happen if it just with some of my close friends or with my boyfriend ( yes we back with each other, for the time being)  just to have some fun.
Where will I love to stay:
  •  Venetian Hotel & Casino 


  •   Four Season Hotel 


  •  Mandalay Bay 

At this time those 3 are the one in trying to make it into during Jan for like a Thu night until Monday morning so that will be like Jan 10-14 or 17-21 my birthday is the 13. We will see what will happen finger cross. 

( boy if i can get that trip sponsor that will be like super grate) but to bad i'm not like this super blogger and had a 1 million people following me :( that will be no issue but until that day happen i have to work hard and pay for my trip. 

So then when my  birthday over it my boyfriend birthday in Feb! I will love to do something special for his birthday cause he don't like to make a big fuss over it.  So my travel bug in will love to take him to Orlando Fl.  Just the tow of us so we can do are fave thing eat and shop and spend time with each other. 
So  you know me I have it all planed out 

This is where I will love to stay at for this birthday : 

I love the Hilton always a lovely stay. 

But we cant go 2 Orlando with out seeing Mickey and Minnie  <3 . I have never been so this will be my 1st time there if i can make this trip happen. I'm happy that he don't read my blog so he will not know what i'm up to :0) 

Well I know the 1st week or Aug or the last week of July my mother and I will love to cruise to Bahamas. 
Cant wait!!!! 

That's all I can pay for this year, if i save and plane ever thing right. 
Know only if i can get my birthday or boyfriend birthday trip sponsor 
Maybe i need to become youtube famous!!! haha 

Do any of yall have trips planed out for 2013? 

Until next time my peaches love Laquiaxoxo   


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Miss.La'Quia said...

thanks you, but I just blog for fun fun and to pass time!