Monday, March 12, 2012

NO Meat

So a little update... let see i'm still on that never end ride with my BF... ( i know crazy right)

SO AND I STOP EATING MEAT!!!!!  I'm 2 weeks strong (Yes), its been super hard, my boyfriend love meat so when we go out and eat OMG his food look sooo damn good! ugh sometimes I just want to jump over the table and just jump in his lap like hes Santa Claus or like i'm going 2 give him a sexy lab dance, then command him to feed me his meat!

Ugh I know right!

Let see I been working out so I will not think about food, And trying to get right by summer time!

spending money,

I got a good deal on this nail polish it was 2 for 6 at Sally I got 4, good deal right!

yep this no meat driving me crazy but I will stating strong! THIS MEAT will not make me weak

LMAO until next time laquiaxoxo

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