Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Food "im so fat"

My mom say I love take pictures of food all the damn time... I just be like WTF ever..

so last night I was looking throw all of my picture that I have taken over the past couple years and Damn she right!

I do take a lot of pictures of my food!  WOW I guess i am, a fats ass ... and it is showing that why i'm on my get fine by summer time diet!

So i decide to show u some of my fav food pic. lol I hope u enjoy, SN: Some of the pictures are pissing me off cause im going (for some damn reason)  3m with out meat.. UGH!!!

 HOT Sausage dog

 Hot dog from the Varsity Atlanta

 vortex burger

 Salad from Vortex bar and grill

 Alligator bits

 green tomato

 Banana Foster

 Taco Home Made

love just for got the name of it
 Blue burger at Vortex

 Big Daddy Soul Food

Lad Na so damn good

 food from the BF house


Khao Poon

 Food from "Hot Cafe"

 Big daddy " food"

Cook at my house

Well i hope the pictures made you as hungry as they have made me
me and my boyfriend love to eat with family and friends.

Damn I miss meat until next time


what your fav food?

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