Saturday, March 31, 2012

Barefoot in Blue

So this AM when I got up, I check my email on my phone and this is what I seen:

Barefoot in the blue, is a Limited-Edition nail polish color from "Essie", they team up with "Toms" for a good reason! AND I think its a damn good reason.

"One Day Without Shoes"  On April 10, Go without shoes so, kids don't have to.

millions of kid go without shoes everyday, exposing there feet to injury and disease everyday. think about it with one pair of shoes it can help that child cut back on being sick, injury there self, and exposing there self to all kind of soil infections.

On April the 10th you can go a day with out shoes, ( wow just 1 day) So will know how it fell to go with out shoes and also help spread the word.


4,000,000: people have podoconiosis, a debilitating and disfiguring soil-based disease.Source: G.Davey / Estimate as of 2011

740,000,000people are affected by hookworm which can cause intestinal pain, weakness and cognitive impairment\Source: WHO

30,000people live on one landfill in the Philippines, where many are without shoes and are exposed to broken glass, syringes and debris.
Source: Asian Development Bank

1,890,000Kenyan children are infected by jiggers, burrowing fleas that cause painful infection. 
Source: Ahadi Kenya Trust

To find ways you can help and to get involved visit:  One day with out shoes 

so on to the super cute Nail polish I will be rocking on April 10th 

( I put the nail polish on quick)

When ever you have time go out and buy Essis Barefoot in the blue, get one the color is pretty, and it for a good reason.

I will be barefoot April 10th, WILL YOU?

until next time my peaches love


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