Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year !!!!!

Hey I hope everyone had a good new year! I look 2 this year for greatness, I have a lot of things planed for my life and I cant wait to see them throw 2 the end. One of my big things is to blog more this year, a lot more. we will see where this blog take me. Also the other things that i have planed for 2012 I will tell you along the way.

ON TO MY NYE, man what a crazy NYE it did not go as i will liked it at all,but it ok cause i brought it in with my family. it began with me waking up not felling well at all, but I got over it "thinking" that i will be with my BF so that was going to make me fill so much better.. on top of that i was super happy to see some of my family bring in New Year with us, its been a min that my family was in Atlanta at or home for NYE.

I so put up some cute thing for my mom NYE party:
 The color that we went with was black gold and silver!!
  ok time for  "picture over load" or  "POL"

so when ever thing was all set up and cooking ( that my mom did). it was time to get dress and to see my BF . I was so ready to run out that house and see him.. SN: i have not seen him in like 3 weeks and that a long time for us.

SO all ready 2 go then I got "the phone-call" " BABE IM SORRY THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY CAR"  damn damn damn damn 
well there goes my night, will i end up bring in the new year with the family.. well on to POL

well i hope ever one had and good new year, and a better 2012

love yall, laquiaxoxo

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