Thursday, February 5, 2015


SO sorry for the back blog. January is a crazy time for me and my family. Its like everyone birthday is in January. My birthday, moms and dad. So in this blog I am going to begin with my dad birthday them my mom birthday. My birthday on a different day cause that going to be a long post.

Well for some reason every year my dad like going out to eat at red lobster. The whole family was there and the food was good. Their is nothing like having your family around when you love your family.

My brother and I

FAMILY he could not keep the came still lol

For my mother birthday we got Olive Grading I didn't take any pictures , but I did vlog tho. So that much will be on my YouTube channel.

I hope all is well until next time xoxo

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Diana Cloudlet said...

It’s just an awesome post, as always! Can’t wait to see a new one!

Diana Cloudlet