Thursday, December 4, 2014

Scandal Party

SOOO 1st off I will like to began this blog with F!@# you blogger. my up dates are still not showing up. UHGG!!!

N E WAY I hope all is well with everyone, this is kind of late blog but better late then never.

So I went to my brother and sister In-Law place for a "Scandal Party", but of course as i always do i forgot to take picture of everyone but i got the food.

I will admit I am not the crazy scandal fan, but when I do watch it i'm like YASSSSSS. lol

Do any of my readers watch Scandal? I am sure yall are like what the hell am i going to watch until JAN. lol

So on to the food porn.

So now you see why i forgot to take pictures of the people around, :p lol food was on point!

Until next time my peaches <3 xoxo

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