Monday, April 29, 2013

Outre Stylist Night!!!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope everyone enjoy there weekend... my weekend begin pretty mess-up but its got better. I had have issues with the boyfriend, this point of are relationship we are growing throw a lot, I hope 4 1'/2 years we can get throw any thing. So time will tell...

Well back to my weekend. This weekend I attend the Outre hair event with my mother, she was pick for her hair work she does.

If any black female get there hair weave done, they will know about the Outre brand. If you do not check them out hear ------> Outre <-------- .

well over all the event was pretty nice event. There was dinner, show, magic shown , hair dance battle and prizes.

I took some pictures before i left the house. I will be up dating  later in a different post with the pictures and video they took. until then hear of my pictures.

Some of the picture I took of my self be4 heading out and about

some at the place where the event took place.

    sorry there are only two pictures :( well only two i like :0)

Hera is what was inside of my Outre bag!

if you never tried Outre hair, try it you might just fall in love.

well until next time my peaches love laquiaxoxo 

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