Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Min Vacation "Gulf Shores" Alabama

I love min vacation with "my team". It was for my friend Lil one birthday party! He turned the big 3,:).  So for his birthday we end up going to the Gulf Shores in Alabama! Road trip, it was about a 5hr drive from Atlanta! 

around 7 or 8 we made it to the house :0) PARTY TIME! 

That was the inside of the house and out side... sad only a couple pic of the in side. So on the 1st night we had to go shopping for the 1st can i say 4 females out shopping yea this is what happen.. hehehehe

This was only the 1st night for us.. i know right 

Well i guess on to the pic 1st day 

Yes ppl get me when i'm not looking and looking all fat!!!!! SMH o well it happen i never said i was a size 0

The next day we spent or day chillin at the beach enjoy..

my friends ring love..awww one day my king will come 

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