Friday, February 25, 2011

THE 30 Day Challenge

Hello Peoples, So I'm going to try out this 30 DAY Challenge! This is a good way for you to get know ;0) You can asking me any question you like about "thats day challenge" and i will be happy to answer back.  SO ENJOY!!!

Day One Of The 30 Day Challenge 

A picture of your self with 15 facts 

  1. I'm from Atlanta GA
  2. I love my family
  3. Famous is my 1st dog ever! 
  4. I'm the middle child (I think) 
  5. I have a older brother and lil brother and sis< there twins> 
  6. Im in fashion school 
  7. I love my boyfriend!
  8. One day I will love to go sky diving 
  9. I will love to have my own bridal salon 
  10. I sell fashion jewelry, to make ex money
  11. I still watch SBSP
  12. I live on twitter
  13.  I don't care what any say or fill about me 
  14. Silly and Happy is what i am 
  15. Shopping, shoes, and bag  my 1st love 

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